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Institutional Accreditation

Institutional Accreditation is a process via which the board is able to determine the suitability of the provider to deliver quality programmes of study at the level/levels in question.

In particular Providers must be able to demonstrate to the board that they are able to meet the following criteria :

That sufficient financial resources are available to maintain and sustain the programme and its development for a considerable period of time, in general not less than five years.

That the management /organizational structure of the Institution facilitates effective and efficient co-ordination ,administration and support for students staff and all involved.

That appropriate delivery methods /facilities /systems be made available for the effective and efficient delivery of the program in question.

That the appropriate physical and human resources are available to ensure the success of the programme.

That the programme of study occupies sufficient time to enable the quality realization of the aims and objectives of the programme ,together with sufficient time to determine quality assessments of the learning outcomes of the programme.

That the physical attendance of participants of the programme be monitored and recorded on a daily basis , to ensure that appropriate student work loads as apportioned to required programme contact time are complied with vis ECTS and other measures of required participant input-to achieve desired learning outcomes of the programme and comply with European norms.

That there exists a clear and manageable quality assurance system to ensure ,maintain and enhance the achievements of the intended learning outcomes of the programme and facilitate progressive moves towards higher standards and quality in general.That the necessary quality policies and procedures are sufficient to enable reliable assessments of learning outcomes to be achievable and that all quality systems when monitored should be seen to be actively applied.

That regular reviews of quality policies and procedures should be in evidence.

That an academic board exists and that same are staged regularly ,those present on such boards should include student representatives in order to encourage healthy feed back.

That there exists a state of independence between the Institutional ownership and the exercise of academic authority.

That there exists an effective interface between staff and students to enable the enrichment of academic policy.

That an essential part of the Institutional activity be the staging of regular staff meetings and the consequential enrichment of all aspects of the programmes resulting there from.

That there exists panels of internal and external examiners recruited on a peer basis and in rotation and that regular exam boards are staged , with the appropriate structure and security which interface effectively with staff to enable the delivery of recommendations and reviews of progress in learning - outcomes ,standards and quality in general.

That such boards have student members to ensure progressive feedback and monitoring together with appropriate diagnostics and rectification procedures.

That there exists secure procedures regarding the conduct of exams and the storage / delivery of material of sensitive exam nature.

In order to satisfy the key criteria all Institutions need to furnish the board with a range of information and demonstrate how all principles are achieved in reality on a day to day operational point of view - it should be emphasised that there is no set model for the fulfillment of the criteria.

Institutions which are successful in satisfying the key criteria for Institutional accreditation will be able to proceed to the next step in the validation process, as an accredited Institution of the board.




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